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Do It Yourself?

Content Management Systems like Joomla! and WordPress appeal to self-starters as do-it-yourself platforms for top-top-bottom self-management. The problem with this is that, without years of experience in any sytem, it's too easy to start with fundamental mistakes that will plague your site in magnified ways as it grows larger and larger. Wire Creative can help correct these errors; but, better yet, bring us in at the very beginning to get your site off a steady start and avoid problems from the start.

Joomla! is our Content Management System of choice for most clients. It balances the ease-of-use of WordPress with the customizations and extendabilitiy of Drupal. Whether you want a blog, a brochure or a corporate site with a wide variety of content, we have the expertise to set-up and maintain your Joomla! website so that it serves your needs with elegance and efficiency.

Other Content Management Systens that we support:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • SquareSpace

Let us help you pick the right solution for your business!

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Monthly Security Audits for Joomla!

Popular content management systems like Joomla! and WordPress are under constant attack from hackers. The best defenses against bad actors who want to hurt your website are keeping the core software and all extensions updated, backing up your site on a regular basis, and reinforcing site security with a firewall application that will shut down attacks before they get inside and do any damage.

Wire Creative offers a service of monthly security auditing, which includes:

  • remote monitoring of your website to alert us in case of problems
  • scheduled backups stored offsite in a cloud service
  • detecting and installing all software updates
  • and system scans for malware and other vulnerabilities

Protect your Joomla! website

Make your website & social media work together

One of the great things about Content Management Systems like Joomla! is all of the the tools available to integrate your website with social media and other online services that you might use for your business. You can make your Joomla! website a central hub that broadcasts its content to all of your social media accounts at once, or a portal which collects all of your your posts and activity in other marketing channels. As a membership site, you can let your Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram followers login to your site with their existing social media accounts to download your exclusive content.

Integrate your CMS

We can setup, manage and support the following Joomla! extensions:

Akeeba Backup, Yootheme Warp templates, Yootheme Pro templates, Yootheme Widgetkit, Joomla Content Editor, RSForm Pro, RSFirewall, SH404SEF, Regular Labs' Advanced Module Manager, K2, MijoShop, Virtuemart, and many, many more!

Ask us about discounted licensing for popular Joomla! extensions: 503 740 3759

Discounts for Charities & Foundations

Wire Creative hosts and manages websites for non-profit and charitable organizations, including schools, PTAs, and law enforcement support foundations. If you bring your charity or other 501(c)(3) website to Wire Creative, we will provide your hosting for free and discount our hourly labor rates.

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